I don't have many collectibles, nor any props from the film. Chris Kiszka and his personal collection of items from the film is the best that I have seen. You can view Chris's collection at:


Please enjoy what I do have, and/or email me or send me pictures of what you have, and I will be happy to post your items from JAWS, and give you credit and recognition, in the collectables page below. I always thought one of the best collectables to have, would be the actual license plate that Hooper pulls from the belly of the Tiger Shark.


25th Anniversary Edition

30th Anniversary Edition

Italian DVD

E True Hollywood Story

Betamax Tape

VHS Tape

Wide Screen Edition

Letterbox Edition

VHS Tape

25th Anniversary VHS

25th Anniversary
Double Tape

Japanese DVD

German DVD courtesy
of Martin Weber


8 Track Cartridge


25th Anniversary CD

25th Anniversary CD


Laser Disc


Promo Puzzle
(Click to see larger image)
Topps Giant Movie Pin-up
(Click to see larger image)

German Lobby Poster
(Click to see larger image)
French Lobby Poster



Bosnian Poster Yugoslavian Poster

European Edition
2005 U.S. Edition
Swedish Edition
U.S. hardcover
"The Making of the Movie JAWS"
U.S. Edition
"The Making of the
Movie JAWS"
French Edition
The JAWS Log
"The Making of the Movie JAWS"
Updated Edition
"The JAWS Log"
25th Anniversary
"The JAWS Log"
30th Anniversary
"A JAWS Companion"
"JAWS" BFI Modern Classic "The Shark is Still Working" "Boston"
June 2005
Spring 2005
People June 19, 2000 Inner pages Inner pages Inner pages
National Geographic 2/68 Inner pages Inner pages Inner pages
Newsletter Commemorative Newspaper Joke Book

Japanese Program


"JAWS" Book

Mad Magazine


Cracked Magazine People Magazine Film Review Hollywood Magazine
Action Magazine Film Review Photoplay Magazine Nigel Andrews
Israeli Book U.K. Paperback Paperback U.K. 30th Anniversary

The JAWS Log
U.K. Edition

U.K. Paperback Edition


1991 Paperback Edition

JAWS Activity Book

April 1976 Marvel Comics


Reader's Digest, September 1975 - JAWS: THE MOVIE THAT ALMOST GOT AWAY


American Cinematographer

Columbian Paperback

Icelandic Movie Guide (cover) Icelandic Movie Guide
Rona Barrett's GOSSIP, February 1976
"Films Illustrated", January 1976
French Movie Card (back) French Movie Card (back)



Wacky Package

JawsFest '05 pin


Jaws Nintendo

Jaws Toy Boat


"JAWS Unleashed" Video Game




JAWS Information Collector Card, by Grollier, Inc. (source unknown)

Universal Studios Coupon Spanish Toy Cards

Universal Pictures: Reel to Reel Radio Spots




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