-- is my favorite movie of all time --

I have hesitated for the past several years to build a website on what I feel is this incredible and amazing film, because so much has already been perfectly stated in print, and now on DVD, documentary, and on web sites far more amazing and in greater detail than I could ever create. However it’s this excitement that I have had for Jaws for over 40 years that can no longer be contained.

Since I first saw “JAWS” at the Del Mar Drive-In in San Gabriel, California in June of 1975, no other movie has thrilled me and entertained me, scared me and humored me all in one motion picture as the blockbuster film “JAWS”. From the best music score ever composed, to the finest screenplay ever written (and re-written and re-written, and later still improvised so well) to a movie that makes you fear the star of the movie, that shark, still to this day, “JAWS” is all that and so much more.


I wish to share my amazement for this blockbuster, within the next several pages of this web site. It’s an honor to have personally met the majority of the cast and crew, seen firsthand the filming locations, and taken part as a “Jaws Junkie” fanatic, the lore and history that is the film “JAWS”. From the phenomenal books by Carl Gottlieb and Judith Blake that recounted long before any internet the filming of the movie, to the E-Entertainment “E True Hollywood Story” and Laurent Bouzereau’s unbelievable collection and documentation of how the movie was made, to Erik Hollander’s full 30+ year summery of the legacy and impact of the story that is “JAWS”, the film continues to grow bigger than it ever has been. Steven Spielberg ensured the believability still to this day by virtue of his guts and determination while such a young director, but it was the magic of Mr. Peter Benchley that first brought us to Amity. I have lived this film, and this film truly lives in me. I love watching it, talking like it, visiting it, chatting about it, and as you will soon see over the next few pages, being a fan of it.

Indeed, here’s the head and the tail, and the whole damn tribute through my eyes. As a kid of 11 years old back in 1975, and as a kid still today. Please enjoy my tribute on this website. It’s not the biggest or the best (you can visit my links page to find those), but what I do share equally with those other very amazing sites, is the passion and love for everything that took place back on Amity Island so long ago and still lives on today. “Where we going?” “Swimming……”

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